Our PLACE vision is deeply intertwined with our PEOPLE vision – to create a more equitable City in recognition that a tight housing market, coupled with slow employment growth and historic social and racial inequities, has created significant disparities between and within our neighborhoods. Preserving and increasing the supply of affordable housing is at the core of our Place vision but using a 21st century approach that incorporates human connectivity and sustainability.  Our place-based approach recognizes that the social and physical environments in which people live, work, learn, and play has a significant impact on their life outcomes.


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HACLA developed a systemized approach to evaluating its properties according to specific criteria and results were compared across properties in terms of needed capital improvements and quality of life enhancements. The resulting scoring matrix provided HACLA a well-rounded understanding of its properties in terms of community needs and areas of opportunity by assessing a range of data sources related to financial, operational, and programmatic performance, proximity to and accessibility of services and amenities, population demographics, public health, and community investments.  Figure 1.12 Site-by-Site Analysis below shows the visual representation of this process.

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