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Project Summary and Background

William Mead Homes is a 415-unit family public housing community owned and managed by HACLA. Constructed in 1941 and 1942, William Mead was one of the first public housing communities in Los Angeles. Originally housing up to 449 families, HACLA combined units over time to make larger units, and the site today has a total of 415 units, including one that was converted to an on-site health clinic. The community abuts the Los Angeles River close to Dodgers Stadium, and views of the Downtown LA skyline are visible throughout the property.  Los Angeles City Planning is currently updating the Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan (CASP) and changing the existing zoning and building standards to facilitate new development.

Choice Neighborhood Planning Efforts: Redevelopment Vision

In 2021, HACLA applied and received a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant from HUD in the amount of $450,000 to support the development of a comprehensive neighborhood Transformation Plan that will outline a strategy for the replacement of the existing public housing units at William Mead Homes. Completing a resident-informed Transformation Plan is a two-year undertaking that will capture the vision and voice of the residents and the community for the future redevelopment of William Mead. Additionally, this process will also include the development of a master plan that will allow HACLA to move forward with the preferred redevelopment plan for William Mead. 

The Choice planning process proposed by HACLA will be guided by a Community Advisory Council (CAC) with representatives from key stakeholder groups starting with William Mead residents. The CAC will be co-chaired by the RAC President and Council District 1, and guide the development of the vision, provide input on all transformation plan elements, evaluate engagement strategies, monitor progress of the planning work, and make final recommendations on goals, strategies, and early start projects after a thorough community engagement process. A People Plan Working Group, comprised of service providers and William Mead residents, will be formed to develop a human capital plan that is specific to the needs and interests of William Mead residents, and determine how to actualize the plan and its priorities.

Stay Connected

For questions or feedback concerning William Mead Homes and the Choice Neighborhoods Effort, please contact (213) 513 - 3061 or via email at revitalizeWM@hacla.org  or reach out to HACLA’s Community Engagement team.

Visit our William Mead Homes website to learn more about the redevelopment and get involved https://www.williammeadhomes.com/.