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Project Summary and Background

Rancho San Pedro, one of the oldest public housing developments owned and managed by HACLA, is located on a 21-acre site in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles, roughly bounded by Harbor Boulevard, Santa Cruz Street, Mesa Street, and 3rd Street. Rancho San Pedro was originally constructed in 1942 by the Defense Department for shipyard workers during World War II, and an extension was constructed in 1954. While constructed at two separate times, the two phases have similar building designs and site layouts. Today, Rancho San Pedro is home to hundreds of families in 478 housing units across a mix of two-story townhomes, stacked flats, and one-story buildings. Now, at nearly 80 years old, many of the buildings and systems at Rancho San Pedro are reaching the end of their useful lives.

Community Engagement

HACLA saw an opportunity to redevelop Rancho San Pedro using a mix of federal, state and local funding sources in a way that would improve quality of life for existing residents and would add desperately needed new affordable housing units in Los Angeles. With this vision of redevelopment, HACLA conducted workshops with Rancho San Pedro residents and engaged with community stakeholders, elected officials, local businesses, and service providers. In 2018, HACLA selected the One San Pedro Collaborative - comprised of the Richman GroupCentury Housing Corporation, and National CORE, to serve as the master developer for the revitalization of Rancho San Pedro. The One San Pedro Transformation Plan was created through an extensive collaboration process with residents and local stakeholders. The Transformation Plan outlines the project goals and strategies for creating a revitalized, mixed-income community with new amenities including parks, spaces for neighborhood retail, sports and recreation facilities, and walking and biking improvements.

Staying consistent with HACLA’s commitment to Build First and minimize resident relocation, the housing component of the Transformation Plan proposes to demolish the existing 478-unit public housing site and rebuild upwards of 1,390 units of rental and homeownership opportunities across all affordability levels including deeply subsidized, moderate income, and market-rate units. Each of the existing 478 public housing units will be replaced one-for-one in the new development. Planning and design work for the redevelopment is ongoing and will continue as the project progresses over time. The Transformation Plan envisions a community of courtyard-style, townhouse, podium and mid-rise buildings that range from three- to eight-stories in height, with larger buildings located closer to the waterfront and smaller buildings transitioning into the surrounding neighborhood. The commercial or flexible amenity space on the ground floor of several buildings will allow for neighborhood-serving retail, offices and other community amenity spaces.  A new Sports Facility will offer youth and community programming space as well as  a multi-purpose playing field, a playground, and multiple sports courts.

Phasing Plan

The Transformation Plan lays out three stages of development each of which will include multiple phases.

  • Stage I focuses on replacing existing Rancho units and amenities
  • Stage II focuses on replacing the majority of Rancho units and introducing new housing opportunities including homeownership units, and creating new amenities such as a such as health clinic, wellness center, grocery store/pharmacy, and outdoor fitness center
  • Stage III focuses on replacing the remaining Rancho units, and continuing to expand housing opportunities and local economic development.

Redevelopment Timeline

Over the next two years, HACLA and the One San Pedro Collaborative are focusing on preparing the Specific Plan and environmental review documents for review and approval by the City of Los Angeles. HACLA and our partners will then turn to the start of construction. Spanning 16 years, the development timeline has 11 phases. Under this particular phasing strategy, some relocation of current Rancho residents during the initial phases will be required. Honoring the commitment to limit off -site and temporary relocation, the first phase will take place on the site of the current Sports Field, Social Hall, and Administration Building at Rancho San Pedro. The later development phases are planned to allow qualifying Rancho San Pedro residents to relocate to units other than the replacement units as One San Pedro is completed.

timeline chart


building phasing



All residents will meet one-on-one with a relocation counselor to determine the best relocation option for their family based on individual circumstance. This relocation counselor will work with residents every step of the way pre-move until they are re-housed in a new unit at One San Pedro or are permanently relocated to another HACLA public housing unit or taking a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to use in the private market. HACLA stands by the commitment that all lease-compliant Rancho San Pedro residents are guaranteed the right to return to a new unit in the redeveloped One San Pedro.

Build First Model

Staying consistent with the Build First model, HACLA is actively working with the City and its development partners to acquire sites around Rancho San Pedro to build new housing units first for residents to relocate into while other phases are getting built.

Choice Neighborhoods Award

As a part of the FY2019 Choice Neighborhoods planning grant awarded to Barton Hill-Downtown San Pedro, HACLA was also awarded $950,000 for an Action Activity, which was matched with $200,000 by City Council District 15 and $50,000 by HACLA, to create a total pool of $1.2 million. The project will help expand the existing promenade, increase pedestrian accessibility, create new amenities for active transportation, and provide opportunities for small business development through repurposed shipping container kiosk. The Design Development work is currently in progress with the construction planned to take place in 2022.

Staying Involved

For questions or feedback concerning the Rancho San Pedro Redevelopment, please call the Development Services Department at (213) 252-3170 or send an email pvalladolid@century.org.

HACLA also encourages residents and stakeholders to visit the One San Pedro website at www.onesanpedro.org for updates related to development and community engagement. Another way to stay up to date and get involved is to follow One Sand Pedro on social media, or by visiting the local office at 479 West 6th Street in San Pedro.

Office hours are Monday-Wednesday 10:00am-3:00pm by appointment

One San Pedro

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You can also reach out to the One San Pedro Collaborative’s Director of Community Development via email atpvalladolid@century.org.