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To support HACLA’s strategic core mission of preserving and expanding the supply of affordable housing within the City of Los Angeles, the Development Services Department leads the planning and implementation of the Agency’s real estate development, acquisitions, repositioning, and financing activities.

The Development Services Department is currently managing several public housing redevelopment projects to preserve and create new affordable housing and to holistically revitalize public housing communities within the City of Los Angeles:


Development Services oversees the acquisition of existing multifamily properties to preserve and create new affordable housing options for residents of the City of Los Angeles, as well as acquiring and repositioning vacant buildings to provide homes for unhoused Angelenos. Find out more 

In addition, we cultivate public/private partnerships to create and finance new affordable housing units and related properties, and support special projects to encourage economic development, enhance the agency’s central office functions, and provide new housing on underutilized parcels owned by HACLA.

HACLA is authorized to serve as conduit issuer of tax-exempt Private Activity Bonds (PABs) on behalf of multifamily affordable housing developments geographically located within the City of Los Angeles. Since HACLA’s conduit bond program was launched in mid-2020, we’ve successfully executed multiple conduit bond transactions on behalf of our development partners. During our first year in operation, we issued approximately $136 million of bonds on a conduit basis. HACLA provides the full range of services, including CDLAC/CTCAC application submission, inducement, TEFRA hearings, bond issuance and more. For additional information, please look at our Capital and Debt Financing page.

Capital and Debt Financing for the acquisition and development of affordable housing is achieved through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds, conventional debt and equity investments, and other structures.

Our Staff

Jenny Scanlin
Chief Development Officer

Geoffrey Moen
Director of Development

Julie Mungai
Deputy Director of Development

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Development Services welcomes and encourages inquiries and comments from residents, community stakeholders, and the general public. Please feel free to contact us at (213) 252-3170, or via email at