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Procurement opportunities of over $150,000 are advertised on Regional Alliance Marketplace For Procurement (RAMP). If you are not already registered, please register to receive notification of contracting opportunities above $150,000. Simply choose the appropriate NAICS codes for your company when you register. When an opportunity is posted online that matches the NAICS codes in your company's profile you will receive a notification.

To view the currently open solicitations at HACLA, click here, type "Housing Authority, City of Los Angeles" into the "Organization" text field and select "Open" from the "Status" drop down menu.

Once registered, you can view the solicitation packet, documents, addenda and other related materials regarding the solicitations. RAMP is a free service provided by the City of Los Angeles and the Mayor's Office of Economic & Business Policy.



Bid Abstracts

IFB HA-2024-1-NF HVAC Preventative Maintenance at Commercial Sites

IFB HA-2024-12 Supply and Delivery of Customized Vehicles (3 Vans and 1 Truck)

IFB-HA-2024-15-NF Roof Replacement at Imperial Courts

IFB HA-2024-6 As-Needed Supply and Delivery of Refrigerators 

IFB HA-2023-112-NF Rose Hill Court (Phase II) Demolition and Abatement

IFB-HA-2023-33 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Supplies

IFB HA-2023-99-NF 6949 Van Nuys Roof Replacement

IFB HA-2023-104-NF CMU Trash Enclosures at Imperial Courts

IFB HA-2023-117-NF CMU Trash Enclosures at Nickerson Gardens