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Our Goals Are To

  • Preserve housing affordability throughout the City of Los Angeles
  • Provide low-income housing to seniors, people with disabilities, and families and individuals with limited income
  • House individuals and families in a safe, sanitary, and decent homes
  • Maintain, operate, and provide for the safety and care of HACLA’s approximately 230,000 square feet of commercial office space


HACLA’s Asset Management department is responsible for 95 residential properties and approximately 230,000 square feet of commercial office space owned and/or operated by HACLA.

Asset Management department chart

Our Housing Portfolio

The HACLA Asset Management portfolio is comprised of almost 99 properties, with almost 2,640 units. These residential communities range anywhere from 2 units to over 250 units; bedroom sizes range from singles up to 4 bedrooms. Geographically, the buildings are spread throughout the greater Los Angeles area: from the west in Venice; to the northwest in Reseda and Van Nuys; to the northeast in North Hollywood and Sun Valley; to the north in Sylmar; to the east in Eagle Rock; throughout central and South Los Angeles; and as far south as Wilmington and San Pedro.

The Asset Management housing portfolio serves a diverse population including seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income individuals and families. Various affordable housing programs and property types serve our residents, including:

Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Section 8 Program

In project-based programs, rental assistance is paid for families who live in specific apartment buildings or units. The rental subsidy is tied to the unit and the tenant is not required to hold a voucher.

Market Rate Units

Many of our buildings contain units that are not income restricted and accept any income level with rents comparable to the going market rate for similar units. People who hold Tenant-Based Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are welcome.

Public Housing Properties for Seniors 62 years+ and Disabled

Two of our properties are public housing sites and limited to Seniors 62 years or older and/or to People with Disabilities.

Other Properties with Income Limitations or Eligibility Requirements

Some of our properties or certain units have specific income limits or other eligibility requirements including family size, Seniors 55 or 62 years or older (depending on the property), Families or individuals with Disabilities. Learn more about our Residential Properties.

Property Management

The HACLA Asset Management portfolio is professionally managed by third party Property Management firms who handle the day-to-day operations of each property. HACLA’s Asset Management oversees these firms, provides support, and works in partnership with them to provide a high-quality standard of living to residents.  View properties under third party Property Management.

Commercial Properties

Asset Management is responsible for Facilities Management, which is dedicated to the maintenance and operation, move management, and safety and care of HACLA’s approximately 230,000 square feet of commercial office space. Learn more about our Commercial Properties including those available for lease.


Various instrumentalities were formed by HACLA as nonprofit public benefit corporations to increase affordable rental housing for lower income families and individuals, including the elderly and people with disabilities in the City of Los Angeles. These nonprofit entities hold ownership and are associated with various apartment buildings, but the day-to-day operations are professionally managed by third party Property Management firms.

Social Service Program

At several apartment buildings serving seniors and people with disabilities, there is an active Service Coordinator (SC) Program. The SC performs a wide range of services that include the roles of case manager, advocate, counselor, liaison/service facilitator, community builder, and educator. They are focused on promoting resident autonomy, safety, and fulfilling tasks that improve the residents’ quality of life. This program enables participants to continue living as independently as possible in their homes.