Grievance Policy


Home Grievance Policy

As a HACLA tenant, you are responsible for the actions of your family and your guests.  If site Management discovered that you have violated the terms of your Rental Agreement or your obligation as a participant of the Public Housing program, they may take adverse action against you.  Depending on the type of violation, adverse action may be in the form of a retro charge or even an eviction.  However, as a participant of the Program, you are also entitled to due process and are afforded an opportunity for a grievance hearing in accordance with federal law and regulations.  You may request a hearing to dispute HACLA’s action or inaction as it pertains to the Rental Agreement and HACLA’s policy.   You may dispute adverse actions as a result of:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Failure to disclose income
  • Having unauthorized tenants residing in the unit
  • Failure to comply with Annual review (including annual rent determination and inspections)

For more information about HACLA’s Grievance policy and procedure, please refer to the Resident Grievance Policy below or contact your Management Office.