Annual Lease Renewal 


At least once a year, every family in the Public Housing Program is required to complete an annual review by verifying the family's composition and income in order to calculate the correct rent and renew the Rental Agreement.  

Annual Rent Determination

Your annual review appointment is based on a master schedule set for each unit; it is not based on the date you moved in or you transfer to a different unit during your residency. You may receive a review appointment less than a year after you move in. Once completed, your annual review will be twelve months thereafter.  Every year you will receive a notice informing you of your upcoming annual review.  Please make sure you complete all forms and submit all supporting documents to your site Management by the due date. 

The formula used to determine your rent is set by Congress and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  For more information on how rent is determined for Public Housing residents, please refer to the Fact Sheet below.  The following are the various factors that determine your rent.

  • Family composition
  • Income and assets
  • Eligible deductions
  • Immigration status
  • Bedroom size

All household members 18 years of age or older must comply with the requirements of the annual review process.

The following items may be requested from you:

  • Verification of identification - Social Security, birth certificates, or other forms of ID for new members of the household
  • Verification of income - last two (2) recent and consecutive pay stubs, employer information, benefits notice
  • Verification of assets - most recent bank statement
  • Verification of student status - proof of full/part-time student status, financial aid verification
  • Verification of childcare expenses (if eligible) - contact information for child care provider
  • Verification of medical expenses (if eligible) - receipts of out-of-pocket expenditures for medical or disability expenses for the past 12 months

In addition to the information and documentation provided by you, HACLA is required to verify income and deductions from sources reported through available electronic databases (this includes income from employment, Social Security, EDD, LA County DPPS, etc...).

When the new rent is determined, an appointment is scheduled for you to sign the notice of rent change and/or the Rental Agreement for the upcoming 12 months.  If there is any rent increase as a result of your annual review, you will be notified 30 days in advance.