Each property within the HACLA Asset Management portfolio is professionally managed by third party property management firms. These firms conduct the day-to-day management of our properties, including maintaining buildings; hiring and managing site staff including site managers, landscaping, maintenance, security, and other vendors; performing all aspects of leasing; and communicating with residents.

Oversight & Partnership

HACLA’s Asset Management team is responsible for the oversight of the long-term health and financial viability of portfolio assets. Asset Management defines and executes portfolio-level strategies that ensure budgetary and regulatory compliance and maximize financial returns to HACLA. HACLA’s Asset Management staff manages the third party Property Management firms by effectively communicating short- and long-term goals and providing oversight to ensure they meet these goals.

The Asset Management team provides oversight which includes visiting properties, reviewing and analyzing financial statements, providing support to site staff, and reviewing program compliance and reporting requirements. Capital improvements through an annual management plan are considered annually for each property to maintain, upgrade, and modernize the buildings. Together, our mission is to provide safe and sanitary affordable housing, deal with property management issues, and provide a high-quality standard of living for the residents.

Property Management Firm

There is currently one property management firm that manage all 95 of our Asset Management properties comprising of 2,491 housing units throughout greater Los Angeles:

McCormack Baron Management (MBM)

801 S. Grand Ave, Suite 780
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(213) 236-2662

MBM is a full service property management company headquartered in Los Angeles. MBM manages 95 residential properties in the HACLA Asset Management portfolio comprising of 2,491 units.